Change of bowling action
Barrie Crawford sometimes bowls with his front foot across the crease on the other side of the wicket. Why is it now a No ball? he asks More

Run out off helmet
Owner: A Newman Henry Williamson from Somerset has asked us to verify the situation when a ball rebounds from a fielder's helmet and hits the wicket More

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IICUS has established an alliance with Notchers' News which is a forum for sharing news and experiences, discussing scoring issues and networking.
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Total Cricket Scorer
Total Cricket Scorer© is the world leading, easy-to-use cricket software for recording scores for cricket matches, but it is much more than just an electronic cricket scorebook More

Insurance cover
Friends of the International Institute of Cricket Umpiring & Scoring (FoIICUS) has been created by the International Community Cricket Trust (ICCT) specifically for umpires, scorers, players, club members, officers and supporters who are involved in grass-roots recreational club cricket of all types at all levels throughout the United Kingdom More