Online Betting – Cricket, Some Stats

Cricket is one of the oldest games in the world right now with its roots tracing back to old Britain. Of course, the game has evolved over time like any age-old game but it has kept its base structure and has accumulated an impressive number of supporters with an ever-increasing base support. Cricket betting has come into play as well, giving its supporters a way to earn by showing their teams unwavering support for their teams. Although this sport can be quite lucrative, it requires huge amounts of discipline and depth knowledge of the sport and excellent money management skills. With this package, the umpire can make all the decisions to affect the game but you’ll still feel pretty confident about your winning chances. If you want to try to play Cricket online, you could get a good practice with Cricket Star, slot machine (check out out post about the game!). If you are not registered with an online casino yet, have a look at, you night find one that suits you.

So, what is required for cricket betting?
There are two versions of cricket as available in any other sport; the domestic version and the international version. The international version can be played in three ways and betting on all three should be done differently
a) Test cricket- the oldest form of cricket played for five days with odds for winning or drawing for participating teams
b) One day cricket- a game played in one day with 50 overs. Can be completed in one day or not depending on factors such as weather outcomes
c) T20 cricket- cricket played with 20 overs for an afternoon

Betting and betting odds
There are several ways of betting to these forms of cricket and you are a punter on other regular games like football or tennis then some of these bet modes and odds should be familiar. Here we’ll look at the most popular and how to place your odds

Match Betting
This is the simplest form of betting, just like in other betting games, with three options, you can choose to place your bet on the home team, the away team or a draw for both teams.

Completed matches
This is when betting on one-day cricket games. You simply place a bet on whether the game will be finished or will be affected by conditions such as weather.

Player specific bets
This includes placing bets on specific players like the best batsman, top bowler or you can choose to bet on what team these top players will come from.

Cricket betting is quite simple, simply choose from the markets and many more as to your liking and place your odds. The odds are pretty simple to understand too as they are decimally equated with payouts. For example, if you choose a game with odds stated as 1.5 this means that for every $10 you place you have the likelihood of getting $15 back if your chosen team wins. So, if you placed a bet with $100 you would get $150 back. And it helps that cricket odds are always well set to make sure that you get your money’s worth back. Like any other disciplines, you don’t want to get fooled or scammed by sports betting. The gambling world has been itself hit by a big topic lately and everyone talked about a famous online casino and wondered is Yukon gold casino a scam, fake or legit? Make sure you check reviews before using any platform, either if you’re into gambling or sports betting!

To sum it up, if you are new to the world of cricket and cricket betting, no need to worry too much. Choose your betting site and check on offers for newbies, they always have options and be careful while placing your bets, make sure you pick the team with the best odds of winning but also carry out the necessary research to also know the team with the best odds and smile all the way to the bank.