Most Popular Cricket Tournaments

Cricket, a famed bat-and-ball game contended between two rival teams consisting of eleven players has long been one of the most lauded matches of all times. Although football is believed to have a lot of audiences, it is the game of cricket that has garnered billions in earnings. The game has also won the hearts of players and viewers alike, which draws sports enthusiasts to cheer live on a stadium or on their TV screens.

Here are some of the most celebrated and famous tournaments that took place in Cricket history.

Commonwealth Bank series

The Commonwealth Bank Series, formerly known as Benson and Hedges World Series turned Carlton and United then VB series is one of the most the most memorable and distinguished tournaments in the world. It is an official series being held in Australia during the months of December to February. The hosting team has found it advantageous as they took victory for 19 out of 33 games. The ICC gives an utmost significance to holding consistent cricket tournaments, making it one of the most celebrated cricket tournaments in the world.

ICC Cricket World Cup

Famed as the world’s biggest cricket bash, the ICC Cricket World Cup boasts of it being the most celebrated, having the most number of audience. It is being held only once in every four years and is known as the home of the best cricket matches in the world. The event consists of four stages, namely Super 6, Super 8, Semi-Finals and the Finals. The ICC Cricket World Cup has been the most prestigious tournament in the Cricket history, making every cricket player want to bring home the cup.

The Asia Cup

Like the World Cup, the Asia Cup is the most esteemed and reputable among cricket tournaments in Asia. The tournament covers various Asian countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, and India. The Asia Cup started in the year 1984 and was initiated by the Asian Cricket Council. Since then it has been one of the most distinguished cricket tournaments in the continent. So far, it has laid grounds to some of the most exciting matches, including that of the heated game between Pakistan and India. This has been the exclusive tournament in Asia and is considered as one of the most acclaimed in the world.

Border-Gavaskar Trophy

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy is a home to the legendary battle between Australia and India and has witnessed some of the most bracing ICC cricket matches in history. The India’s Sunil Gavaskar and the Australian Allan Border has both been the two teams who first reached the famous 10,000 club, having Border-Gavaskar Trophy as the skippers of these teams at the time. It has garnered a reputable name and honor and has been included in the list of the world’s Top 10 Most Popular Cricket Tournaments.

Over the years, the game of cricket has sparked attention and extreme love for the game for players and viewers alike. Most live and at-home audiences made the viewing even more exciting by betting on their favorite teams through gambling websites like Quatro Casino. Win or lose, what remains important in every match is the passion, dedication, and the love for the game.