Primary Cricket Techniques for New Players

Cricket just as many games is a team sport. This implies that it is played by two opposing teams made up of eleven players each. The only difference from the other leading sports games is that its time is not defined and it can last for just an afternoon session in the field up to several days.


The first thing for all new players is to master the equipment. The first one is the cricket ball which is usually a solid cork and string ball and is covered up in leather. Then there is a cricket bat that is blade shaped and is flat on one side and humped on the other for maximum strength. In the field of play, you will find two wickets which are the made of wood and includes three stumps and on top lies a pair of bails. The rest of the equipment include the protective gear made up of gloves, pads, and a helmet. One should also wear leather shoes with spiked soles for maximum grip. Lastly is the clothing which must either be white or cream.

The order of play

The first team to start batting is determined the toss of a coin. The winning toss will determine if the team will start to bat or to field first. All the players on the fielding team will enter the pitch while two from the batting team enter the ground. Each Batman must wear the protective gear and carry a bat. The rest of the field team disperses around the field to designated positions to stop the runs from being scored. One of the fielders will bowl, and another is the wicketkeeper.

Essential techniques

Proper mastery of a technique is the key difference between a winning and a losing team. The technique might involve either increasing the pace or introduce a new angle of play or just a type of swing or spin. A good technique helps in survival during challenging spells bowling as it involves the delivery of proper game plans. But through these experience of both successes and failures in match situations, a good player masters a game plan that he is most comfortable with and can even assure a winning bet on a terrible match situation. If you want to practice a bit before you start playing, check out superbonusslots and find the game Cricket Star (check our recent post about this awesome game!).

The technique is the key in every gaming situation as it means that the individual player and the team as a whole have the correct information that enables them to perform efficiently thus good results. Proper techniques help the team by

  • Improving the variety of game plans
  • Survival during challenging bowling spells
  • Turning and swinging the delivery effectively
  • Consistency
  • Confidence and self-belief

It is often said and quoted that during intense and demanding situations especially in a cricket game that has been highly staked even in gambling and betting sites, the whole of the universe can become your foe. Therefore at such a critical time is necessary for every new player and the team as a whole to have the unity of thought as it will be essential in displaying all the techniques mastered in training. Like every disciplines, it takes time and practice. Get familiar with good guidelines and tips with onlinegamblingworld , a good site for beginners.